Gao Lin

Every time I walked in the cancer center for chemo and saw the suffering in other patients, I wanted so badly to tell them to ease their pain with acupuncture while undergoing chemotherapy. Back in China, it is almost a standard procedure that cancer patients' chemotherapy is complemented with Traditional Chinese Medicine. While chemotherapy was killing the cancer cells, it was also harming the good cells in my body. Acupuncture and herbs were my good cells' defense during the chemo. Even after my chemo ended, I am continuing with acupuncture so my body can HEAL. It has been about a year now; I am healthy and feel good. Perhaps it is my Chinese background that I never questioned the value of harmonizing Chinese Traditional Medicine with Western medical treatment.

I had a good oncologist who treated me. I am more fortunate to have a true healer in Dr. Keath, whose every touch is intended for my body to mend itself and be healed.

Essie Laflamme Hospice

"volunteer-puppeteer", Kripalu Yoga Dance Teacher

I have truly been given a gift. Meeting Zellda has profoundly changed my life. In my early twenties, I developed 'flu like' symptoms that landed me in the hospital and, for a short time, in a wheelchair. In the thirty years that followed I seemed to get sick quite often...bell's palsy, a heart problem, chronic back and neck pain, vertigo, memory loss, early menopause. Doctor's attributed all of this to a weak immune system...and I believed them. Finally, through alternative testing, I found out it was a result of Lyme Disease which had gone undetected through all these years. Though a kind of relief set in knowing there was {finally}, a reason for feeling lousy, my 'work' was about to begin. I began my journey to find a way to save myself. I went to every alternative healer in the hopes that I could get my quality of life back. Then a miracle happened. While attempting to lead a 'normal life', I went back to Yoga. Instead of feeling balanced I felt worse. Again. I call this my miracle, my 'aha' moment, because this is when Zellda Keath came into my life and I believe helped [me], save mine. After the very first session with Zellda, I knew this was different. I felt parts of my body 'come to life'. I truly did not know I could ever feel this good. I've got my life back. My family and my friends have noticed this dramatic change. Most importantly, I am becoming whole. This 'stuff' is no longer a part of me, thanks to the intuitive, compassionate healing of Dr. Keath. I am so very blessed and grateful to work with this divine healer.

Dadou Mayer

"Zellda was a great help during my recovery from ankle surgery. The knowledge of her practice allowed her to address the healing process most efficiently. Her treatments are very precise and were a welcome follow-up after the trauma of the surgery. Zellda is a very complete healer adding her genuine loving human kindness to her profession."

Marie-Rose Phan-Le

"Zellda Keath's healing work is powerful medicine due to her high-level of skill, training, and integrity, harmoniously blended with her intuition, humor and compassion."

Teryl Jackson

"I have had acupuncture many times from many different practitioners for many reasons. I have always believed in it and have found it to be a helpful treatment. Working with Zellda has been so much more. I experienced not only a physical healing but a deep and profound spiritual healing as well. Her love and commitment shines through and what I received is beyond words."

John W Float D.O., LMT

"Zellda Keath is a world-class master in acupuncture. I know because I have had acupuncture treatments all over the world by many great practitioners. She is one of the very best. Her treatment protocol goes right to the essence of the person she is treating. Not only is her needle technique the gentlest I have ever experienced, but she intuitively focuses on the root causes and conditions and knows how to bring about harmony and balance to the body, mind and spirit. I have been blessed to have received treatment from her and would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone seeking optimal health and wellness."

Karen Anderson, Newport, RI

"Dr. Keath helped me to live my life again. When I called her in June 2005 I couldn’t stand for more than five minutes at a time, and I hardly had enough strength in my lungs to speak. I had been wasting away from Chronic Lyme Disease and Celiac Disease for more than a year. I had been on cycles of antibiotics that had made me even sicker than I had been before, and the antibiotics and illness had triggered Celiac Disease." Read More...

Phyllis McGill

"Zellda changed my life! I was exhausted all the time, dragging myself back and forth to work everyday. I was too tired after work to do anything but watch television and go to bed. Zellda has offered an alternative to more tests and pills. She is a skilled acupuncturist but more than that she is, in the truest sense of the word, a healer." Read More...

Pamela L. Thurlow

"I went to Dr. Keath for relief of shoulder and neck pain and general lack of energy. I found her to be extremely warm and caring and she immediately put me at ease. The treatments were not only painless but very relaxing. My neck pain has subsided and my energy level has definitely increased." Read More...

Patrick M. Hentschell

"Zellda Keath is a compassionate healer. Her healing treatments are very effective and gentle. She takes the time to get to know her patients and their needs. She also provides recommendations for healthy mental and physical lifestyle changes. She has convinced me that acupuncture is a viable medical alternative that works."